Tristeon 2D is a work in progress 2D tile-based game engine featuring a highly performant tile renderer, Box2D integration and a level editor.

Tristeon 3D

A custom-made 3D engine built using C++ and Vulkan. This project was created as a learning project, in which I explored physically based rendering and the Vulkan API.

Bot Band Jazz

A stylized VR game made in Unity, featuring a variety of mini-games and objectives, which the player finishes to unlock an exciting show.

Custom engine

My first custom game engine, written in C++ using OpenGL. The engine supported features like parent-child relations, phong lighting with directional, spot, and point lights and realtime and baked shadows. The engine was used in a demo game project called Orb.

Rock The Boat

A game about pirates facing off in a musical duel, capsizing each others' ships by rocking to music and finishing combos.

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