Tristeon is my open-source 2D tile-based game engine project, available for free on GitHub under the MIT license. The engine is designed with a strong focus on creating 2D tile-based platformers, featuring a highly optimized editor workflow and programming API.

Tristeon offers a range of exciting features, including hardware-accelerated tile rendering, Box2D physics integration, and an efficient level editor. The engine is open-source and available on GitHub at

Hardware accelerated tile rendering

To optimize Tristeon’s tile-map rendering performance, I implemented a full-screen shader that uploads the entire level to VRAM in a buffer. This approach enables tiles to be sampled on a per-pixel basis, leading to a significant performance improvement and improved scalability. I explain this technique in more detail in my blog post ‘Tile-map Rendering in Tristeon’. Thanks to this optimization, the tile renderer can finish its render function at O(1) speed, which is significantly faster than the O(n) speed of simpler sprite/tile renderers

Qt editor
The Tristeon engine includes a 2D editor, providing a range of features such as layer creation, tile-map drawing, and actor placement/modification. The editor is designed using Qt’s widgets library, ensuring a streamlined and intuitive user experience.

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