Bot Band Jazz

Engine: Unity
Tasks: Artificial Intelligence, game programming, stylized shading

Bot Band Jazz is a VR game in which the player interacts with different objects and plays mini-games inside a theater to unlock an exciting show.

Bot Band Jazz was displayed at the Dutch game garden (at the Hengelo Heim Museum) and won an award for receiving the public vote

Artificial Intelligence
I was tasked with the implementation of a friendly cleaning robot, this robot used a finite state machine based approach. The robot’s task was to patrol around the theater and clean up scrap objects. It responded to player input, e.g. when things were thrown at him, or when the player would drop items onto the ground.

Game programming
I was tasked with the implementation of a few small mini-games, including some of the following:

I created an interact-able popcorn machine, the user was able to press a button in VR to create popcorn and then use a scoop to pull the popcorn out through the door.
I created a playable pong mini-game.
A cotton candy machine where the player was able to create their own cotton candy by holding sticks inside of the machine.

Stylized shading
I implemented custom cell shading consisting of an outline post processing effect and a stylized material.

The stylized shader uses a modified version of Unity’s BRDF lighting function.
Specular lighting with the stylized shader.
Using a combination of both depth and normal based edge detection, I was able to create an edge detection style that could discern outlines within and outside of the object separately, creating the unique style that the project team was looking for.


Gameplay video

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