A 2D tile-based game engine project, designed with a strong focus on creating 2D tile-based platformers, featuring a highly optimized editor workflow and programming API.

Bot Band Jazz

A stylized VR game made in Unity, featuring a variety of mini-games and objectives, which the player finishes to unlock an exciting show.

Tristeon 3D

A custom-made 3D engine built using C++ and Vulkan. This project was created as a learning project, in which I explored physically based rendering and the Vulkan API.


  • Pixel Density Warp
    Pixel Density Warp is a screen-space technique that non-linearly warps the pixel density, which enables full RTX engines to assign more pixels to the most visually relevant sections.
  • Tile-map rendering in Tristeon
    A hardware accelerated tile-map rendering solution running at O(1) speed. It smartly makes use of a full-screen fragment shader to sample tiles on a per-pixel basis.